This week we are taking a look at frequency – both in terms of posting to social media and also communication. Something that you may be familiar with if you have any experience with children is the need for repetition in order to get results! How many times do you need to ask your child to tidy their bedroom before they actually do it? The majority of kids need told several times before taking action – but you might be glad to know that it is not nagging! It is repetition for effective communication! The same principle can be applied to marketing your business!

How Often Do People Need to Hear A Message?

There are many different theories that have been proposed regarding how often a message must be repeated for maximum efficiency. One of the most common ones is the ‘Rule of 7’ which states that it takes 7 times before a consumer will act on the message they are hearing. However, more modern theories suggest that it is far more than than, suggesting that the right number is actually somewhere between 10 and 20 depending on the individual consumer. This is known as effective frequency. It all comes down to psychology. The term ‘mere-exposure effect’ was coined by a psychologist named Robert Zajonc. The basis of his theory is that the repetition of a message leads to familiarity. This in turn leads to preference. When you send a similar message multiple times, it could be an effective way to make someone take action. However, you do have to exercise caution because if you go too far with the repetition preference can turn to dislike!

Don’t Scare Customers Away by Being Eager

We can take that principle and apply it to following up on potential leads. It is important to follow up with leads after the first contact, but you do need to be careful not to be overeager. Bill made a comparison of chasing a dog. If you chase a dog it will run – that same thing can happen with a potential lead. When you come across over-eager it will turn off customers. Always leave a few days between contacts. Never let a client know that you are desperate for their business. Trust in your product.

What About Social Media?

When it comes to frequency on social media you can definitely push it more towards that suggested 10-20 touches. So how many times a day/week should you post. It might surprise yo yo know that there is not a magic number. What works for one brand may not work for another. In fact, it is fair to say that consistency is more important than frequency when it comes to social media! Start by determining your goals and that will help you to decide your posting frequency. If you make a plan to post 4 times per week, you can change up which days and times you post – but make sure you stick to a consistent 4 posts most weeks. Large gaps in your publishing is going to create a bad impression. If you can’t manage your own social media presence consistently why would a customer trust you to solve their problems?

The only thing that can be considered worse than not posting consistently to social media is posting irrelevant content. Do not fall into the trap of posting something simply to fill a slot in your frequency or consistency quota! Poor quality content is a sure way to lose your audience. Focus on creating helpful and authentic content and you will be far more successful.

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