One of the key elements we include in social media packages for our clients at bluedress INTERNET MARKETING is Enhanced Media Content. What exactly does that mean? This is a term that we have crafted to refer to a few different types of content that we know to be among the most engaging content to use on social media. If you have been watching this season, you already know that creating the right message is important, but we haven’t touched too much on the visual element other than when we discussed online video. Your posts need visual content to attract attention and that’s what our enhanced media content does – it’s social media upgraded!

The key types of enhanced media content we offer are:

  • Video Short
  • 3D Parallax
  • Animated GIF
  • Cinemagraphs

The one thing that all of these items have in common is movement! In terms of design, movement serves several key functions:

  • Visually stimulates the audience and leaves a strong impression
  • Tells a story using spatial relationships and movement
  • Helps to communicate personality or tone
  • Contributes to overall user delight

Most people know what an animated GIF is and we have covered video content in depth already, so let’s focus on the other two types – 3D Parallax and Cinemagraph.

What is a 3D Parallax?

A Parallax image is an image that conveys depth by having layers and 3D creating an illusion of depth. We add animation to create a sense of immersion as a virtual experience. 

What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are predominantly still images with one or two aspects animated very subtley. Think almost like the moving photographs in Harry Potter!

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Cinemagraphs were invented in 2011 by a photographer named Jamie Beck and Web Designer Kevin Burg for New York Fashion Week. The response was overwhelming and they were quickly adopted by fashion’s biggest names. One of their first major projects was four Instagram posts for shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. The posts garnered more than 1600 comments and 60,000 likes in the first few days that they were posted. That’s some serious engagement!

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Cinemagraphs are so captivating because of human biology! Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising every day and our brains are so accustomed to this, that they tune most of it out! However, a cinemagraph with its subtle movement is different and captures interest!

Bill & Ingrid Maddox | Co-Host

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