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Coach Bill Maddox

Coach Bill Maddox is a powerful business performance coach who is focused on taking your business to the next level! Having spent the last 25 years building multiple businesses across a range of niches he has become highly skilled at identifying the best sales strategies to help drive your top-line revenue. A highly sought-after speaker, coach, and trainer, Bill shares with He Said! She Said! viewers some of the necessary strategies to unleash the full potential of your business. 

Ingrid Maddox

Ingrid has been involved with online broadcast (Internet Radio, WebTV) and other social media & online marketing since 2005. She has always had the desire to help others, so in 2009 she launched bluedress INTERNET MARKETING in order to share her knowledge. Seeing a need in the business world, Ingrid knew that business owners did not have time to do everything that was needed to market their company. Ingrid has developed proprietary systems, organic processes, and trade secret formulas to a whole new level of internet presence. Now she is sharing some of that knowledge in the Podcast. 


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